The Curious Case of Carter Road

Over the past year or so nothing as intrigued me more than the appearance, sudden rise, and equally sudden demise of certain eateries in Mumbai. Places like the western suburbs of Bandra and Andheri have seen a sudden surge in the number of places opening up, with one of the key growth segments being that […]

A Butter Bath at Sardar

All of us imagine and keep designing some colourful imaginations once in a while. People imagine future scenarios, their possible adventures on travel, or a date with Katrina or John Abraham. But for some people like me, imaginations can be as simple and weird as taking a bath in my favourite dish. Be it drowning […]

Am I at Sea?

I often come across as a slightly lost and confused kind of a person. Be it my extreme hyperactivity levels, or slightly irritating ability to connect random things, they tend to add to an aura of confusion around me. I try to be a WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get), with hardly a […]

क्या हिंदी जीवित रहेगी?

आखिरी सासें लेती, थकी-हारी, चरमराई, हिंदी की जो है हालत, उसे बचा सके दवा न दुहाई। अंग्रेजी का अत्यधिक उपयोग, नहीं है इसका कारण, ना ही इस बात पे रोने से, टलेगा इसका मरण। हिंदी के पुनर्जन्म का, बस एक ही है रास्ता, अपने स्तर पर उसका प्रचार, और भाषा के प्रति सच्ची आस्था। यूँ तो […]


The story of Mysore Pak is close to my heart, one full of love and equal amounts of good cholesterol. Mysore Pak is quite simply my favourite sweet. There is nothing which comes close to it. Well Jalebi sometimes does, but it still remains a distant second. Bengali sweets are further down the podium. And the western […]

Who let the Black Dog out?

I had got this Black Dog bottle from United Spirits for review. I thought I will cook something special for a special guest on a special evening to go along with this special bottle. Probably some fried fish, with crispy potatoes on the side, or some peanut butter toast, or probably some eggs on toast with […]

मलहम-ए -खिचड़ी

आपको देख दिल पे चल जाती है अभी भी छुरिया, पर आपने तो फेका था हमें जैसे सीली हुई भुजिया। खा पी कर ले रही हो तुम डकार, पर क्या कभी याद किया तुमने पुराना प्यार? धराशायी मन, टूटे दिल की सिसकी, सोचा शांत करू इसे मार मदिरा की चुस्की। पर मदिरा की राह लेते है असफल […]