Here is a statement of my disclosure policy. It may be more than required, but I believe that writing or sharing opinions in any form warrants a full disclosure of one’s associations.

I regularly attend events in the Travel and Hospitality Industry and write about them on this Blog sometimes. I don’t accept any money, or anything else of value, from the restaurants and other organizations I cover, or from their public relations or advertising agencies.  Although on many occasions the event organizer (primarily the associated PR firm or the Owners) do end up spending on my participation (such as the cost of meals, tastings, gifts like kitchen equipment or a box of cupcakes or beverages). On all my posts related to such events, I have clearly specified a disclosure statement with details around gifts received if any. In all scenarios my posts have complete independence from the involved parties, and I never take inputs from them except ones which are purely factual (for e.g. size and scale of kitchen, sourcing of ingredients, etc.).

For all other posts which don’t contain a disclosure notice, any costs involved (like the ones mentioned above, food, travel, etc.) were borne by me.

I have completed my education from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (Mumbai), DAIICT (Gujarat), and Delhi Public School (Korba). I have stayed across a number of cities in the country. I end up referring to a lot of these places in my posts, and try to make sure that I capture my perspective of these places with the utmost sincerity and respect.

I have never written, nor I plan to write about my employers (current or past). In case you want to check my professional history, you can refer to my Linkedin Profile.

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