The Big Fat Lentil Wedding

It was a morning of a date which is quite unclear in my memory. I woke up to the rising sound of traffic and the fluttering of pigeons eternally stuck in the window railings. I picked up my toothbrush, squeezed the last remains of the toothpaste, and tucked the brush into my mouth. I needed […]

हैदराबादी प्रेम कहानी… जो हो ना सकी

महिना था फरवरी का, समय था वोह अफरा तफरी का Placement का चल रहा था त्यौहार, क्योकि आजकल वही तो रह गया है प्रबंधन शिक्षा का सार. मैं बैठा था interview कक्ष मैं, सवालों से जूझता कभी हँसता, कभी लडखडाता अचानक मुझसे पुछा गया, आप लगते है कहानीकार हम देखना चाहते है आपके विचार. मैंने […]

Missing Ones…

6th Oct 2010 My birthday in 2 days, Hyderabad (maybe not) has been a nice good city, minus few of things which were an awesome part of my life few months back. Like loosing things in room and getting scolded for that, or looking at bargaining skills all through the day, or his awesome vishnu […]

Another Sachin and Kambli !!!

Just came across this article from Mohandas Menon, Sachin-Kambli record eclipsed When about 19 years back two Acherakar boys from Mumbai’s Shardashram had a 664 run partnership noone would have thought that one of them would be then would go on to become Sachin Tendulkar. The thing is that one of them was Sachin Tendulkar […]