Fifty Shades of Purple

We walked towards one of our favourite pubs in Bangalore, belting past the street vendors, groups of Bangalore college students, and recognizable bunches of software workers. Crossing Brigade Road was a routine affair on weekends, often accompanied by meeting a long lost friend, an unwanted encounter, or an unusual one (like meeting a person and […]


The story of Mysore Pak is close to my heart, one full of love and equal amounts of good cholesterol. Mysore Pak is quite simply my favourite sweet. There is nothing which comes close to it. Well Jalebi sometimes does, but it still remains a distant second. Bengali sweets are further down the podium. And the western […]

Recalling Indian Coffee House

I am a frequent visitor to the multiple coffee shops in Mumbai. During these visits I have developed a special affection for the filter coffee joints at Matunga, and a growing admiration for the multiple homegrown and international brands setting shop in the city. But for me, and many more like me, coffee had humble […]

Positive thoughts?

Life has been a bit off colour lately, as if what happened last month wasn’t enough here I am at home, for the past two weeks, eating boiled food and fruits and sleeping like kumbhakaran throughout the day. In the past few days I have developed love for idlis and extreme hatred for daliya, spinach, […]

Ahhh… we won it!?

It was a weird feeling, a never before kind of experience, roaming around near Shivaji Park at night, thousands of people of all kinds on street. I think it was their presence on streets, rather than of actually watching it on TV, or talking to a 100 friends on phone, or messaging a thousand, or […]

मदन – कहानी एक Pub की

***Starring ***Chipu ( I have decided to write a book on the life and times of this guy) Rattu Bhussu ***And*** Dandit Mimpy Bho-Bho-ti Pat-rick Nippu ***Friendly Appearance*** KAddu Piddu Anit Pacob Jillpose Khakre ***Scene-1 *** Somewhere on quite nice crowded street on Bangalore (crowd is implicit in Bangalore), ambling around are three stupid looking […]

Short and Sweet Holi :)

10-11:15 Am on 11th Mar’09 Shortest Holi ever for me, it started and ended pretty soon. But we won. We won over the Kala Bandar of exams, quizzes, tension of assignments of the two end terms tomorrow. But still Kala Bandar managed to win over a few… 🙁 Still BH and GH celebrated a quick, […]

Bye Bye Bangalore

It’s Game Over Bangalore. 14th June’ 2006- 16th May’2008 So bye bye to my first job, to all those Hot Idlis, Dosas and Coffees, Mysore Pak :), Super Expensive movies(which I never saw, I saw only at super cheap places), those farewell parties and non-farewell parties, bits and bytes of alcohol, the niceness of Jayanagar, […]

Small City Dreams

An unshaved face, a stinking jeans, a dirty t-shirt, Kapil’s wrist watch, drinking frooti just before it, this and a whole lot of superstitions, nothing worked. Six months of stupidly wasting time was followed up with disappointment and nothing more. Six months of screwing up my brain, with just 3 movies (2 were at the […]

Bahut kuch ho raha hai…

Its been a while since I have blogged at length, I mean they haven’t been one -liners as posted on the quark, but not much of self-generated data (don’t take it literally as people do tend to assume in my case) these days. Recently its been lots of work Putting my legs in too many […]