घूमता-खोजता, चलता-फिरता, फिर निकल चला मैं। पहले शिक्षा, फिर नौकरी, फिर शिक्षा और दूसरी नौकरी। कभी क़स्बा, कभी शहर, कभी देश, कभी विदेश। हर जगह संभावनाएं खोजता, कभी दुसरो को, कभी खुद को ढ़ुंढ़ता। प्रवासी कहिये या अप्रवासी, जड़ो से उजड़ा हुआ कहिये या जड़हीन। घूमता-खोजता, चलता-फिरता, फिर निकल चलूँगा मैं।

Am I at Sea?

I often come across as a slightly lost and confused kind of a person. Be it my extreme hyperactivity levels, or slightly irritating ability to connect random things, they tend to add to an aura of confusion around me. I try to be a WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get), with hardly a […]

Silly Point

It is unusually close to the batsmen. It is a dangerous, yet a rewarding position. It gives new players a chance to learn the game, the nimble ones a chance to display their fielding prowess, and the wily ones a chance to show-off their “running-someone-out” smartness. But sadly it gives the careless, inattentive ones, a […]

Fear of Motion Sickness

The idea of traveling is often accompanied by a variety of emotions and a switching mental state. Love, laughter, disgust, amazement, fear, curiosity are all significant emotions one can relate with travel. But nothing disturbs our mental state more than the fear of motion sickness on travel. Motion sickness is a condition in which a […]

The Curse of the Ring

It was my first winter in Ahmedabad. And a cold winter it was. I remember very few things from that period, maybe there was hardly anything worth remembering. Not from that winter, and not from the few months which followed it. Although I do remember the irritating smell of fresh paint in the new hostel, […]

Return to Korba

Over the past 2-3 years I have travelled across various parts of the country. Most of these trips were planned and executed around a friend’s wedding, and given I have had so many friends getting married in the recent past, and at locations such as Indore, Dhanbad, Raipur, Kerala, Rajasthan, Interiors of Maharashtra, and Delhi, […]

11 memories of 2011

Watching Sachin at Bangalore scoring 100 in a World Cup match in Feb. If I would I have jumped from the stands at that very moment, it would have been a great death. And also at the end of it all we won the cup, the cup which mattered the most on April 2nd. Sitting […]

Is it the end of the Chai-Biscuit era?

Today I received an article from a friend of mine, Where did conversation go? No where. It talks about the “about-to-die” habit of having conversations. It also debates whether forms of new media have eclipsed the intimacy of having a one-on-one, or sharing a happy moment together. So is it the end of the Chai-Biscuit […]

Rattu ka Dabba

He could feel a few giggles right behind his back, he knew it was gone. Again! As Rattu turned back and put his hand into his bag’s tiffin box pocket, he felt plastic and not the usual steel, infact before the lunch break this is all Rattu did with his tiffin, as he always scared […]

Positive thoughts?

Life has been a bit off colour lately, as if what happened last month wasn’t enough here I am at home, for the past two weeks, eating boiled food and fruits and sleeping like kumbhakaran throughout the day. In the past few days I have developed love for idlis and extreme hatred for daliya, spinach, […]