Are you there?

Yes. I am. It has been more than a year since I wrote a blog post (or rather posted one). I have written quite a bit since last year but hardly anything has made it to this blog. This has been my longest break since I started the blog and it is strange considering there has […]


घूमता-खोजता, चलता-फिरता, फिर निकल चला मैं। पहले शिक्षा, फिर नौकरी, फिर शिक्षा और दूसरी नौकरी। कभी क़स्बा, कभी शहर, कभी देश, कभी विदेश। हर जगह संभावनाएं खोजता, कभी दुसरो को, कभी खुद को ढ़ुंढ़ता। प्रवासी कहिये या अप्रवासी, जड़ो से उजड़ा हुआ कहिये या जड़हीन। घूमता-खोजता, चलता-फिरता, फिर निकल चलूँगा मैं।

Am I at Sea?

I often come across as a slightly lost and confused kind of a person. Be it my extreme hyperactivity levels, or slightly irritating ability to connect random things, they tend to add to an aura of confusion around me. I try to be a WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get), with hardly a […]

Silly Point

It is unusually close to the batsmen. It is a dangerous, yet a rewarding position. It gives new players a chance to learn the game, the nimble ones a chance to display their fielding prowess, and the wily ones a chance to show-off their “running-someone-out” smartness. But sadly it gives the careless, inattentive ones, a […]


सब कुछ  था स्थिर, अविचलित, शांत सा, अचानक से इस दुविधा ने लाया एक बवंडर सा। क्या करे क्या ना करे के दोराहे पर मैं हु खड़ा, असमंजस से जूझता, पर इरादों पर अड़ा। इस पार है निराशा, उस पार आशा की किरण, बीच मझदार का सफ़र है, जिस पर तय होगा जीवन-मरण। -अभिषेक ‘देसी’ देशपांडे

A Very Long Walk to Freedom

There is a continuous buzz in my ear, but I neglect that and keep running. I see him clearly, the colors are crystal clear, Hi Definition, and beautifully bright, even in the pitch black darkness of night. I can see the rolling ball at his feet, about to leave them, but still hesitant, like a […]

The Healing Chill of Hebbe Falls

A chill runs through my body, crossing my spine, and within touching distance of my brain. I can only feel the cold water massaging my bruises, playfully interacting with platelets busy constructing a clot. I can sense a relieving burn crawl over my scratches, and it is extremely refreshing. Suddenly all the tiredness faces an […]

Spicy Hot Summer, Served With Buffalo Dip

There are summers, and then there is that idiotic summer. I was interning with an organization studying tribal arts in the Rathwa tribe dominated Chota Udaipur region of Gujarat. In a constantly sweltering Sun, which was seldom in mood to bend itself below 45 odd degrees, we roamed across villages exploring styles of Pithora Paintings […]

Thali Memoirs and A Visit to Rajdhani

Honestly, I have slightly moved away from the Thali format (by Thali I mean the Unlimited Thali formats, representative of the scores of Marwari-Rajasthani-Gujarati style platters). My initial indulgence in Thalis was a result of petty bets on hogging more rather than any particular interest food. We took so much interest in wiping clean watis […]

Fear of Motion Sickness

The idea of traveling is often accompanied by a variety of emotions and a switching mental state. Love, laughter, disgust, amazement, fear, curiosity are all significant emotions one can relate with travel. But nothing disturbs our mental state more than the fear of motion sickness on travel. Motion sickness is a condition in which a […]