It’s Not Cricket

Over the years Bill Woodfull’s famous expression from the Adelaide test of the now infamous 1933 Bodyline series has stood for everything unsportsmanlike. A game built on the traditions of British Raj, Cricket originated to represent everything true and honest. Incidents such as Bodyline in 30s, the underarm bowling incident orchestrated by Chappell brothers in […]

Silly Point

It is unusually close to the batsmen. It is a dangerous, yet a rewarding position. It gives new players a chance to learn the game, the nimble ones a chance to display their fielding prowess, and the wily ones a chance to show-off their “running-someone-out” smartness. But sadly it gives the careless, inattentive ones, a […]

11 memories of 2011

Watching Sachin at Bangalore scoring 100 in a World Cup match in Feb. If I would I have jumped from the stands at that very moment, it would have been a great death. And also at the end of it all we won the cup, the cup which mattered the most on April 2nd. Sitting […]

Our obsession with the 100th 100

कब बनेगा शतको का शतक? (आज तक, 193 times since Feb’11) Ever since end of February 2011 all of us have been waiting for Sachin to score that century. Personally I have been counting every run of his backwards from 100, from the 16 left against Pakistan at Mohali to the 27 left at Melbourne […]

टेस्ट क्रिकेट का अंत… या शुरुआत?

आने वाला है क्रिकेट इतिहास का एक अमर क्षण जब होने चलते स्वयं के टेस्ट के पूरे दो हज़ार रन, १८७७ मैं शुरू हुई थी जो प्रथा २०११ मैं क्या हो गयी है इसकी व्यथा. अंग्रेजो ने नीव रखी क्रिकेट के खेल की खेल खेल मैं उन्होंने फैलाई सभ्यता ब्रिटेन की, शुरू मैं था बस […]

Ahhh… we won it!?

It was a weird feeling, a never before kind of experience, roaming around near Shivaji Park at night, thousands of people of all kinds on street. I think it was their presence on streets, rather than of actually watching it on TV, or talking to a 100 friends on phone, or messaging a thousand, or […]

The Death of Longer format

Watching the current India-NZ series made me think a bit. Gone are the awesome days of test cricket when there was a patient build up to the innings, each ball was played on its merit and there was a healthy competition between bat and ball. God, Dravid and Laxman are probably the last generation in […]

Well Left

Gone are the awesome days of test cricket, when Dravid just used to leave it on its way, even God did it but Dravid was much more elegant in leaving the cricket ball. Commentators always used to say he had an exact idea where his off stump is, a supreme bowler like Glenn McGrath would […]

Sorry to say but they surely are…

During Hero Cup I liked them but Sachin ended them in that historic over;1996 I was fascinated by them: by Jonty, by Cronje, by Donald, but Lara did them; 1999 they were surely the best, and I cried with millions others when Klusner was run out, Steve Waugh did them; 2003 they were the home […]