Who let the Black Dog out?

I had got this Black Dog bottle from United Spirits for review. I thought I will cook something special for a special guest on a special evening to go along with this special bottle. Probably some fried fish, with crispy potatoes on the side, or some peanut butter toast, or probably some eggs on toast with strawberry jam. I had even thought of steaming some –garlicy-prawn-filled momos or using Whiskey as a medium to make some barbecue sauce. It would have been so special. Although like most of my plans, even this one failed.

My early memories of Black Dog take me back to this Amrish Puri dialogue from some Meenakshi Sheshadri movie.

Amrish Puri on Black Dog

Talk of evil and black dogs running through your blood-stream! Hilarious, representative of 80s cinema, and talks a bit about the brand too. Naughty, bordering on evil, but not harmful in anyway. But it was a few years before I actually tasted alcohol of any kind, leave aside Black Dog.

I got an opportunity to taste Black Dog for the first time few years back in Bangalore. It was that typical someone-returned-from-US occasion, with couple of bottles of scotch. There was Chivas Regal, and then there was Black Dog. I chose to go the Amrish Puri way. Although the feel of the whiskey was much smoother on the palate than the others I had tasted, the mind wanted it to be rough, slightly naughty, edgy, and a bit dark on humor, as Amrish Puri. And I processed it along with some egg toasts as the evil drink.

I developed a taste for Scotch in a purely Delhi style later. It was done by sneaking bottles from my friend’s place, setting up a mini-bar in Cars, parking them at Karol Bagh, and eating fried fish and butter laden chicken along with scotch. And yes, we always had them in steel glasses.

Over the past couple of years I have moved away from Hard Liquors, and mostly stick with Wines and Beers. But then this bottle came along.

And so shifting to the present times. As I mentioned earlier I had been fiddling with multiple ideas related to this Bottle. But like most things, they didn’t work out.

I had thrown a party at my place inviting 20+ friends of mine. The menu was a bit playful, I had tossed a few salads and dressed up a few crackers as there was Sangria for company. A lot of Sangria. And there was Mojito. There were Gujju snacks sourced from Ghatkopar, and there was Pani Puri from my favourite roadside cart close to home. I usually organize such parties in afternoon, as it gives people some time to recover post the dozes of alcohol.

At the fag end of the party few people wanted to do some rounds of Vodka Pani Puri, so I opened up my alcohol cabinet for some Vodka. And I found the Black Dog bottle missing! Gone!

I rushed to the bedroom and found two of my friends sitting comfortably sipping Black Dog along with rounds of Ghatkopari Gujju snacks. In a moment all my plans went woosh and I snatched away the bottle, rather rudely. But then I felt bad so I left it there and went ahead serving my friends for the rest of the afternoon.

In the evening when were wrapping everything up we were left with 4-5 friends. And then the two of them came out with half the bottle of Black Dog. We were quite high already from the multiple dozes of alcohol, but we snatched some ice cubes, filled the glasses with it and started sipping it. It was relaxing after a tiring day, slightly refreshing, and was paired perfectly with a lot of friends.

Isn’t drinking all about that? About friends, about a good chat, and about some relaxing times.

And yes it is about a bit of naughtiness too. God, I miss Amrish Puri so much.

Disclosure: Public Relations agency engaged by this brand had sent their product to me for a review. I had mentioned that I don’t usually do product reviews on my blog in my communication with them. For more details refer my disclosure page.

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