Are you there?

Yes. I am. It has been more than a year since I wrote a blog post (or rather posted one). I have written quite a bit since last year but hardly anything has made it to this blog. This has been my longest break since I started the blog and it is strange considering there has […]

The Big Fat Lentil Wedding

It was a morning of a date which is quite unclear in my memory. I woke up to the rising sound of traffic and the fluttering of pigeons eternally stuck in the window railings. I picked up my toothbrush, squeezed the last remains of the toothpaste, and tucked the brush into my mouth. I needed […]


घूमता-खोजता, चलता-फिरता, फिर निकल चला मैं। पहले शिक्षा, फिर नौकरी, फिर शिक्षा और दूसरी नौकरी। कभी क़स्बा, कभी शहर, कभी देश, कभी विदेश। हर जगह संभावनाएं खोजता, कभी दुसरो को, कभी खुद को ढ़ुंढ़ता। प्रवासी कहिये या अप्रवासी, जड़ो से उजड़ा हुआ कहिये या जड़हीन। घूमता-खोजता, चलता-फिरता, फिर निकल चलूँगा मैं।

Tapas Tales from Seville

For an outsider flipping guidebooks (swiping in our case) and capturing countless images, the Andalucían city of Seville is a perfect destination. It offers the visitor traditional grammar of conflicts, chronicles of rise and fall, and images of an eventful past. A city which balances romanticism with rationalization, it has the frantic pace of a […]

Fifty Shades of Purple

We walked towards one of our favourite pubs in Bangalore, belting past the street vendors, groups of Bangalore college students, and recognizable bunches of software workers. Crossing Brigade Road was a routine affair on weekends, often accompanied by meeting a long lost friend, an unwanted encounter, or an unusual one (like meeting a person and […]

Simple Cooking: How To Make Poha?

I often come across people who hate cooking. I believe that cooking is a life skill, something as important as cleaning your wardrobes every week, maintaining personal hygiene,  and ability to keep your home neat and clean. One of my life’s mission is to ensure that people overcome the mental barriers they have with respect […]

Kerala: Backwaters and Beyond

It was the first week of monsoons in Kerala. The distinctive muddy scent of first rain had faded and given way to an  imagery of vivid greens all around, which had started dominating my tired senses. Already 20 days into my travel, I was exhausted and a bit disappointed. But I ended up jaunting across […]

It’s Not Cricket

Over the years Bill Woodfull’s famous expression from the Adelaide test of the now infamous 1933 Bodyline series has stood for everything unsportsmanlike. A game built on the traditions of British Raj, Cricket originated to represent everything true and honest. Incidents such as Bodyline in 30s, the underarm bowling incident orchestrated by Chappell brothers in […]